File a Witness Slip in Support of the BIO Bill

The Block Illegal Gun Ownership and Fix the FOID bill:

  • Requires background checks for all gun sales, including person-to-person, private sales. This tracking would improve firearm investigations and homicide clearance rates.
  • Verifies the identity of FOID card applicants by requiring one set of fingerprints submitted to the Illinois State police. Many professions in Illinois already use fingerprints to verify identity and an accurate criminal history.
  • Enables Illinois State Police to remove guns once a FOID is revoked, reducing illegal gun purchases and sales by ineligible FOID card holders.
  • Dedicates life-saving, mental health funding for communities most impacted by gun violence.

For a fact sheet about the bill, CLICK HERE.

Below are the instructions for how to file a witness slip and a link to file one:

1) Fill out the Identification section with your information. For the Firm/business or agency and Title fields, write “self” unless you are authorized by a company or business to use their name on the witness slip.

2) The Representation section: If you are not authorized to appear on behalf of any group, fill in NA or “self”.

3) Please note: under position, select PROPONENT

4) Complete the Testimony section. Check the “Record of Appearance Only” box. This will allow your position on the piece of legislation to be known without having to physically appear.

5) Type what is displayed in the CAPTCHA box.

6) Click in the box next to “I Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement”.

7) Click Create (SLIP).

8) You are done!

Click here to file a witness slip in support of HB3245/SB568

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