A Message from Tre Bosley, Violence Survivor

Dear Supporters and Friends,

My name is Tre Bosley and I am a survivor of the unchecked community gun violence that claimed the life of my older brother, Terrell. Terrell was a promising musician who was killed at a church parking lot following band practice in 2006. Losing my brother to gun violence inspired me to speak out about a recurring trend in which young black men and children are losing their lives to gun violence at disproportionate rates. 

Here is a fact that we cannot accept: Gun violence is also the leading cause of death for black children and teens in Illinois and about 60% of Chicago’s youngest children live in community areas where 91% of homicides took place.

The fact that black people are not safe in our communities, or even a church parking lot, shows the lack of equity for my community. We not only experience more gun violence, but also receive less investment and opportunities than other communities. This lack of equity perpetuates cycles of violence, and the presence of illegal guns makes them more deadly. 

That is why today I am asking you to join me in calling on Springfield to pass the Block Illegal Ownership (BIO) and Fix the FOID Bill. The BIO bill will not only decrease the number of illegal guns that are used to kill mostly black people, it will also make investments in community based mental health resources in the communities that experience the most gun violence.

Please, send an email to Speaker Welch asking him to stand for equity and stand with young black people across Illinois by passing the BIO bill today 

Together we can move towards a more equitable future in which black communities will not have to live in fear of illegal guns. 

In Peace,

Tre Bosley 

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