G-PAC Urges Illinoisans to Wear Orange on Gun Violence Awareness Day, Calls for Urgent Federal Action

Thursday, June 2, 2022

G-PAC Urges Illinoisans to Wear Orange on Gun Violence Awareness Day, Calls for Urgent Federal Action 

Chicago — June is Gun Violence Awareness Month, and the Gun Violence Prevention PAC (G-PAC) is urging Illinoisans to wear orange in honor of those that we’ve lost to gun violence and is calling for urgent federal action to prevent more senseless deaths.

“The start of Gun Violence Awareness Month follows a tragic Memorial Day weekend where Chicago saw two mass shootings and at least a dozen more took place nationwide, highlighting the urgent and growing need for lawmakers to take action to end this public health epidemic,” said Tom Vanden Berk, Founder of G-PAC and a survivor of gun violence. “We urge Illinoisans to wear orange to honor the life of Hadiya Pendleton and show Congress that the American people are demanding urgent action that will keep people safe.”

The Wear Orange movement began in Chicago on June 2, 2015, to honor the life of Hadiya Pendleton, an innocent 15-year-old South Side resident who was tragically killed in January 2013 just days after performing at President Barack Obama’s inauguration. It sent shock waves across our country, and Hadiya’s friends organized to wear orange to remember her and to raise awareness about gun violence. Orange was the color of choice because hunters wear this color so they won’t be shot.

G-PAC is holding the gun lobby accountable and calling on Congress to pass federal legislation to protect communities from the tragic toll of gun violence.

“Let me be clear: the gun lobby is the enemy of progress in saving innocent lives. The NRA proceeded to hold a convention where they advocated for more permissive gun laws just days after 21 lives were taken too soon in the second deadliest school shooting in our nation,” continued Vanden Berk.

“We cannot let the funders of gun violence continue to take a free pass as families are torn apart every single day across our city, our state, and our country. For years Congress has been sending thoughts and prayers to the families and communities being devastated by gun violence without anything to show for it. It’s overdue time to take action and pass President Biden’s gun safety agenda to make America safe again.”


About Gun Violence Prevention PAC (G-PAC)

The Gun Violence Prevention Political Action Committee (G-PAC) is the state’s leading gun violence advocacy organization. It was founded in 2013 to counter the political influence of the gun industry and their lobby in Springfield.

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