June 28th is Election Day in Illinois – Make a Plan and Vote

For everyone involved in the gun violence prevention movement, the last month has been one that has made an impact on each of us. Whether it was the violence we saw in Buffalo or Uvalde, or on our own streets here in Illinois, we know that we must take action to ensure that our communities are free from gun violence, and now is our opportunity to do just that.

On Tuesday, June 28, the Illinois primary election will be wrapping up, and we need you to go out and vote up and down the ballot for gun safety candidates. Everyday we read the countless headlines about the lives lost to this 100% preventable epidemic, and the time for thoughts and prayers is over. We expect our leaders to do more, now, to end gun violence, and if they are unwilling to take action, then it’s time that we find someone else to do the job.

Early voting is now open, and we need you to go out and make your voice heard. We cannot continue to sit on the sidelines as children are being gunned down in their classrooms. It’s our one job to keep our children safe, and that starts by ensuring that we have a gun safety majority across all levels of government.

Please, make a plan to vote today so that we can all live free from gun violence.

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