Gun Violence Prevention Action Committee Releases 2022 Gun Safety Report Card

Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Gun Violence Prevention Action Committee Releases 2022 Gun Safety Report Card

Representatives like Darren Bailey — also running for Governor — who received an F will set Illinois back in fight for improved public safety

Today the Gun Violence Prevention Action Committee (GVPAction) released its 2022 Gun Safety Report Card to ensure constituents know how their state legislators voted on critical gun violence prevention and public safety policy this past year in Springfield.

The report card is a useful annual tool that can be referenced by voters, legislators, press, and advocacy groups alike to understand who is on the side of fighting to make Illinois a safer place, and who has sided with the gun lobby against safer communities for our children. With every state legislator up for election this year and gun violence increasing in communities statewide, voters deserve to know who is working to improve public safety and who is failing.

The Gun Safety Report card awards grades to legislators on an A-F scale on three key pieces of legislation passed in the last year:

  • HB 4383: Prohibits the sale of unserialized gun parts that can be turned into guns; Requires serial numbers on guns manufactured with a 3D printer; Creates standards for serialization for existing unserialized firearms at federally licensed firearms dealers and other federal licensees authorized to imprint serial numbers.
  • HB 4729: Requires the Department of Public Health to develop and implement a comprehensive 2-year statewide safe gun storage public awareness campaign.
  • HB 5193: Provides that the safety education that school boards and other boards may provide instruction in includes safe gun storage.

You can view the 2022 Gun Safety Report Card here.

“Illinois residents deserve to know which state lawmakers are working to protect our children, families and communities from gun violence and improve public safety — and which are cowering to the corporate gun lobby,” said Kathleen Sances, President and CEO of the Gun Violence Prevention Action Committee (GVPAction). “Making ghost guns illegal was no easy feat. GVPAction thanks the lawmakers who supported this life-saving legislation and applaud those that received an A on this year’s report card.”


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