Tell Congress: Enough is Enough

Assault weapons have no place in our communities. We need a federal assault weapons ban.

This year, we passed legislation banning these lethal weapons in Illinois – the ninth state to do so in the US. Now, Congress has an opportunity to follow our lead and ban assault weapons once and for all.

Join us in urging our members of Congress to pass a federal assault weapons ban today. It’s time for them to take action and secure a future where public safety is a reality for all of us.

By the Numbers

Assault weapons make mass shootings in Illinois more deadly.

Assault weapons and high-capacity magazines are designed to enact maximum destruction, making it easier for shooters to kill more people, more quickly. These lethal weapons are the guns of choice for individuals who carry out horrific public attacks, like we saw in Highland Park and the 29 mass shootings that took place in Illinois just this year. In Chicago alone, there were 24 mass shootings, which is the greatest number of mass shootings of any city in the U.S to date.

We must demand action to keep all of our neighborhoods safe.


as many people are shot when assault weapons are used


of Americans support stronger gun laws


of U.S adults support an assault weapons ban