It’s time to pass the BIO (Block Illegal Ownership) Bill, SB 1966 to fix the FOID system in Illinois

“We all recognize that COVID-19, is a public health emergency, but so, too, is gun violence.” 

I am writing to you today as an IL constituent to first say thank you, your words have inspired gun safety advocates across Illinois to continue the fight. And we need your help again. 

As you’re aware, gun violence and the COVID-19 pandemic are two pandemics wreaking havoc across our state. Under orders to “stay at home” gun violence is up 6% while unintentional shootings increase, and the rate of calls to domestic violence and suicide hotlines continues to grow. Without meaningful action to reduce the availability of illegal guns, these numbers will continue to grow. As temperatures spike in the coming months, so too will gun violence. 

We need the Illinois Senate to help end this crisis. I am confident that, with your continued leadership on this issue, we can help save lives by passing SB1966, The BIO Bill.

Thank you again for your commitment to ending the gun violence epidemic that continues to plague Illinois.