It’s time to pass the BIO (Block Illegal Ownership) Bill, SB 1966 to fix the FOID system in Illinois

COVID-19 is a public health epidemic. So is gun violence. And, just like with COVID-19, there is no one silver bullet that is going to magically keep communities safe. It’s going to take resources and smart legislation to address both disasters. Without meaningful action to reduce the availability of illegal guns, the rate of gun violence will only increase. As temperatures spike in the coming months, so too will gun violence. 

That’s why I’m writing, as an Illinois constituent, to ask you to pass SB 1966, the BIO Bill to Fix the FOID system in Illinois. The BIO Bill will require background checks on private sales to ensure that individuals who are not qualified to possess a gun do not.

Our statewide increase in gun ownership is coupled with an increase in the threat of violence. Under orders to “stay at home” gun violence is up 6% while unintentional shootings increase, and the rate of calls to domestic violence and suicide hotlines continues to grow. The combination of the COVID-19 pandemic and the gun violence epidemic is a disaster that will only worsen in the summer months.  It is now more important than ever that lawmakers act to keep us all safe.

During these unprecedented times, I am asking you to prioritize the safety of our communities across Illinois by helping put a stop to preventable gun violence tragedies in Illinois and passing The BIO Bill (SB 1966).

Please, join the gun safety majority across our state by passing this life-saving legislation before more children, families, and communities across Illinois lose loved ones to preventable gun violence.