Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Coalition


#OurOneJob is to keep all kids safe.

The Combatting Illegal Gun Trafficking Act (SB 337, Amendment 3) encourages better business practices among gun dealers and holds corrupt dealers accountable. It’s up to your state legislators to pass this critical legislation.

Any child killed from gun violence impacts every parent.  Sadly, injuries from gun violence are the leading cause of death for children in Illinois. When guns get into the hands of the wrong people, they destroy communities and families. We demand a statewide response.

Right now, we can keep kids safe by supporting the Combatting Illegal Gun Trafficking Act (SB 337); this legislation will reduce a major source of illegally trafficked guns from entering our communities in Illinois. 87% of Illinois residents support the safety measures in SB 337 to save children’s lives. We need 100% to get involved.

If you agree that it’s all our job to keep kids safe from gun violence, join us. When parents and community members come together, things get done… and we expect our Governor to listen.

Ask Governor Rauner to keep all kids safe by signing SB 337!

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