Send the following “thank you” message to the SB 1966 Chief Co-Sponsors!

I want to thank you for your commitment to addressing the epidemic of gun violence that continues to plague communities across Illinois. Your sponsorship of SB 1966, The BIO Bill, represents a huge step towards making Illinois safer, for everyone. 

As you’re aware, gun violence and the COVID-19 pandemic are two pandemics wreaking havoc across our state. SB1966, The BIO Bill passed the House in 2019, and now we need the Illinois Senate to take action to help end this crisis. I am confident that, with your continued leadership on this issue, we can get SB1966, The BIO Bill, passed next session. 

Thank you again for standing alongside gun violence prevention advocates across our state in demanding real change to address this gun violence crisis.

Thank the SB 1966 Chief Co-Sponsors