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It’s time to pass the BIO (Block Illegal Ownership) Bill, SB 1966 to #FIXTHEFOID system in Illinois

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Subject: Save Lives. Pass the BIO Bill.


I just took action help save lives in Illinois by encouraging our lawmakers to pass SB1966, the BIO Bill. Will you join me?

Every day, we lose too many Illinoisans to gun violence. Take a stand to help end Illinois’ gun violence crisis RIGHT NOW by asking your state senator to make sure the BIO (Block Illegal Ownership) Bill, SB 1966, passes this session and is sent to the Governor’s desk as soon as possible. 

The BIO (Block Illegal Ownership) Bill, SB 1966 would:

  • Reduce the FOID Card duration from 10 years to 5 years.
  • Require a point-of-sale background check for all gun sales, including those by an unlicensed seller.
  • Require applicants for FOID Cards to submit fingerprints as part of their application

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