Background checks can save lives. Help to keep our children, families, and communities safe from gun violence. Let's pass SB1966 (BIO BILL) and #FIXTHEFOID


    In Illinois, someone is killed with a gun every seven hours, claiming the lives of 1,310 residents each year and wounding many more. The annual cost of gun violence is $7.2 billion. 

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    Contact your State Senator

    We’ve made it super easy, follow the link below to send your State Senator an email urging them to take action to protect Illinois from senseless gun violence by passing SB1966 the BIO Bill to Fix The FOID system in Illinois.

    Email the Senate Executive Committee

    Click below to email the members of the Senate Executive Committee to urge them to take action. Your message will go to all of the committee members at the same time!

    Email Senate President Don Harmon

    Illinois Senate President Don Harmon needs to hear from you, even if you’ve sent a letter before we want to make sure he hears our voices loud and clear!

    Email these 7 State Senators!

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    Call Senate President Don Harmon

    Follow the link below to be connected. We’ve provided a script to make it even easier to ask Illinois Senate President Harmon to please pass the BIO Bill to Fix the FOID.

    Tweet at Senate President Don Harmon!

    Click below to Tweet Senate President Don Harmon to urge him to take action. Your tweet will go to him with one click!

    Thank SB1966 Senate Sponsors!

    Join us in sending Senate President Don Harmon and State Senator’s Julie Morrison and Elgie Sims Jr a special thank you for working to pass SB1966 in the Lame Duck Session!

    Email Governor Pritzker

    Follow the link below to email Governor Pritzker and urge him to publicly support SB1966 the BIO Bill to Fix The FOID system in Illinois.

    Children have the right to grow up free from gun violence.


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      John Lott, a controversial pro-gun researcher who was hired last fall as a senior advisor for research and statistics at the Justice Department’s Office of Justice Programs, left the position this week.  Lott’s departure was revealed in a January 16 email sent by the Crime Prevention Research Center, a nonprofit he founded that publishes research […]
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      “They’re chickenshit. Believe me,” extolled the would-be president to a crowd of elated supporters in Spencer, Iowa. Just two days before, a married couple opened fire at a Christmas party in San Bernardino, California, killing 14 and wounding 22 others. The tragedy provided political fuel for the often-unscripted Republican, particularly because the shooters were Brown, […]
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      Five days before the Capitol insurrection, 83 House Republican lawmakers wrote a letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy asking them to uphold lawmakers’ right to carry firearms inside the U.S. Capitol complex. They cited several attacks, including a 1954 shooting by Puerto Rican nationalists who wounded five Congressmen; a 1998 shooting […]