Legislative Victories - Gun Violence Prevention Action Committee
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Our Victories

Breaking the Gun Lobby’s Hold on Illinois Lawmakers

For years, no one in our state had a comprehensive strategy to pass meaningful gun safety legislation. Now, thanks to the hard work of survivors, advocates, and Illinois leaders, we have made incredible strides toward breaking the gun lobby’s hold on Illinois and passing meaningful legislation that saves lives.

We’ve built a political force to hold lawmakers accountable and continue the fight to keep our communities safe. We’re just getting started.

Firearm Industry Responsibility Act

Holding Gun Industry Members Accountable

Illinois provides a pathway to justice for victims and survivors of gun violence by holding gun manufacturers accountable for deceptive advertising practices.

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Protect Illinois Communities Act

Banning Military Style Weapons

Illinois becomes the ninth state in the country, and the first state in the Midwest, to pass a ban on assault weapons and large-capacity magazines.

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Making Ghost Guns Illegal Act

Eradicating “Ghost Guns”

Illinois becomes one of the first states to make untraceable, unserialized guns (“Ghost Guns”) illegal.

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Block Illegal Gun Ownership (BIO) Law

Preventing Illegal Gun Ownership

Illinois enacts background checks for all gun sales, strengthens the FOID (Firearm Owner ID) card system, and directs investments to communities.

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The Combating Illegal Gun Trafficking Act

Holding Corrupt Gun Dealers Accountable

Illinois requires all gun dealers to be certified by the state, cracking down on illegal gun purchasers and traffickers.

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